IoT Data Logger Solution for Industrial Plant

Our Product AIOTICS-DL provide custom and seamless solution to collect data from industrial equipment, sending to AWS/Azure/Google cloud, and displaying on dashboard. which allow customer to take decision on their prodution value

Monitor your industrial equipment data in real-time with our Aiotics-DL datalogger solution, providing instant insights and alerts for proactive decision-making. Inbuilt with Store & forward which provide data integrity in case of network glitch at remote sites

Real-time data monitoring

AIOTICS-DL : IoT Data Logger

Revolutionary datalogger solution utilizing RaspberryPi to collect industrial equipment data and transmit to AWS cloud.

graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen
graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen

Real-time data visualization on customizable dashboards for efficient monitoring and analysis of industrial processes.

Enhance operational efficiency and decision-making with our cutting-edge datalogger solution tailored for industrial applications.

laptop computer on glass-top table
laptop computer on glass-top table

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